Jul 22 2015

Come and see me on Facebook…


Hello – just in case you think it’s a little quiet here, and on ctenorsax.blogspot  lately, I seem to have migrated most of my online activity to Facebook, where I’m known as (variously) Alan Tucker, Tucks and c.tenor.saxophoneclick on this link

I’ve also started a C Saxophone Archive page over there, early days, but my C’s are getting a touch neglected at the moment. Seem to be back on tenor sax, also enjoying a new friend – a bass clarinet – and I’ve also gone all ‘baroque’, playing tenor and great-bass recorders and music from centuries past (well, they are in C…)

Again, click on this link for the C Saxophone Archive page

Hopefully, these links will also encourage Google search engines to include my Facebook witterings in normal searches – who knows ?

Aug 19 2012

Now posting at The C Saxophone Archives – ctenorsax.blogspot.co.uk



 c sax archives 640

Click on this link – or the picture above – to visit ctenorsax.blogspot.co.uk…

Being in my late 60′s – and becoming more aware of my own mortality, I’d like to leave something behind me after I’ve  popped my clogs…!  This self-hosted website will vanish once the monthly hosting payments cease, as will the csax.net domain, but (hopefully) the Google-hosted site will live on a lot longer…

All of the topics/posts/comments here will remain on a ‘read-only’ basis, new posts will start at The C Saxophone Archives.   All the existing C-Sax resources (web pages) ‘behind’ this blog will still remain, for my foreseeable future – and be accessible from both sites.    

I’ll be commenting more on daily life over at the The C Saxophone Archives, as well as on all matters ‘C’, and I may even update some of the topics here on the new blog.  All I can say is – enjoy both, see you there, and here  !

Kind Regards,   Alan


Aug 18 2012

My Conn C Soprano saxophone




Conn C Soprano sax, a set on Flickr.

Just had an enquiry about my (very under-used) Conn Pan-American C Soprano sax, so thought I’d share the photo’s here.


Amazing how silver patinates so quickly when just left out on a peg…

If you’d like to view the full slideshow – click here…

Aug 9 2011

Al McLean playing a King C Soprano Sax


This original by Al McLean features the saxophonist on a King C soprano saxophone – as opposed to the normal Bb soprano. Al also plays C-Melody (in addition to normal soprano, alto & tenor…)

Thanks to electricfigue on SotW for finding it – click on the link at the top of the post to go to YouTube for more information.

Jul 27 2011

Buescher C Melody Saxophone on eBay – bit pricey !


Buescher C Melody Saxophone Elkhart Indiana USA 1920s on eBay (end time 28-Jul-11 01:20:47 BST).

I just had to pass on this one, at $4000….  (four thousand US Dollars, eek !)

C-Melody saxophones must be rare in Israel ?

(Free worldwide postage tho’…)