Not being a great fan of Steve Goodson …


Not being a big fan of Steve Goodson, I’ve always tried to keep an open mind throughout all the internet feuding – I vividly remember the saga of Roger Aldridge’s disappearing soprano sax.  I came across this video, on YouTube.

I’d always expected Sax Gourmet (and Orpheo / Vespro saxophones) to be in a prestigious New Orleans location, but, from a brief glimpse of the workshop in the background, I guess this is the main place.  Yes, the photo’s in this Ferree’s article seem to confirm it.  He’s messier than me !  

Reading about his classy overhauls on the website, I didn’t somehow image a setup like that.  No wonder he lost poor old Rogers soprano in that lot !   Although it is quite possible, since Katrina, that things have changed a bit.

P.S. feel free to comment Steve, comments always welcome here, unlike on your blog


6 Responses to “Not being a great fan of Steve Goodson …”

  • Lewis Pelham Says:

    I was always given to believe that it was a vast emporium, not a shed.
    Feelings of inadequacy generated by rebuilding horns on my dining room table have evaporated.
    More front than Woolworths!

  • Gandalfe Says:

    I luv the announcer’s Naw’ leans accent. And the sax player is suberb. I wonder how old this video is?

    Alan, I wanted to thank you for making it easier for me to come visit this site. I have you bookmarked on my home and laptop computers. But now with your redirect from Live Spaces, I can visit from any computer! I just go to my page and click. :cool:

  • alan Says:

    This one’s even wierder, seems like a Japanese TV programme about New Orleans, with Steve Goodson as a strolling baritone player…  Only in the USA could it happen !

  • John Baber Says:

    From reading the disparaging remarks I can see that y’all haven’t joined the ranks for Goodson Sax owners. I played a good many Sax’s before making my buying decision. I played Mark VI’s and the new Selmer Paris Series III’s along with other brands too, and my Goodson Alto and Tenor blow the doors off of the mall. Ergonomics, Intonation, looks, fit, and finish. And play – WOW – anyone who plays a Gooson Sax will know right away that he has to have one. I played at a festival a while back and a Sax player saw my horn. He came over and ask about it because its beauty stood out so much!! I handed it to him and I took his Selmer. He didn’t want to give it back!!! Before we left he had to know where he could get one!!! I get that everywhere I go. Even non Sax people come up commenting on how beautiful my horns are!! Guys, all I can say is – stop talking down about the guy till you’ve actually played his horns!! Anyone who talks bad about them After they’ve played one is just jealous because they want one and can’t seem to get one!!   

  • Al Says:

    John, I have the original ‘Goodson’ Orpheo tenor and alto sax, bought at (literally) below cost when his ‘ex-friends’ in Texas were dumping anything asociated with him…

    Great saxophones, I have the same model burnished brass ones that Jay Beckenstein played for a while – pity tho’ that the talented designer is so pompous  :?   

    Read about them here – click…

  • DeanoTheSaxman Says:

    Yes Alan … I’m no lover of Steve Goodson any more sadly, most of his ideas are pinched from other say players … In particular was the So called new design for his new line of sax’s … It turns out the “So Called” new design was actually a primitive native Indian design .. & when it was brought to His forums attention he then banned several of us from his forum … I guess that’s judge, jury, executioner …. Hardly fair when all we were doing was telling the Truth … I guess the honest truth, people just don’t want to know …
    :cry:  Far as I’m concerned he’s far from truthful & full of American B/S !!!