Gitley sings Gershwin !


What better on a wet and windy Sunday afternoon, than to get George the Lakeland terrier howling along with a Martin C-Melody saxophone.  Bit of Gershwin seems to have taken his fancy.   Ace the collie has seen – and heard – it all before, she’s just sleeping off lunch. Aaaahhhh….

Click on the video below, it may take a few seconds ‘buffering’, before the video starts – don’t you just love cutting-edge technology ?


This was part of a series of short videos taken on an older Nokia phone, whilst I was checking out some mouthpieces.  As I came to the conclusion that most of my mouthpieces sound the same when I play them, along with the limited sound quality and video resolution of a mobile phone, I can’t quite be sure which mouthpiece I was using.  Doh !

It’s either my favourite slimline Couf J10*S, or a rather nondescript Wagner blank labeled as “Keilwerth ToneKing Special 6″ (which plays far better than some of the much more expensive ‘big name’ mouthpieces).  At least I do know that the reed was a LaVoz Medium (tenor).  I suppose that’s something ?    I very much suspect that it was the ebonite Keiwerth, as I notice the end of a paper receipt padding out the cork – it does have a wider shank fitting,  but a smaller tip opening than I usually play.


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