Conn C Melody, and C Soprano !


Conn C Melody, and C Soprano in the same video.   Some fine playing by Raaf Hekkema.
The sounds of both C saxes fit this style of music well.

Raven – John Dowland/ Flow my tears & The Earl of Essex his Galliard

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One Response to “Conn C Melody, and C Soprano !”

  • Lewis Pelham Says:

    Very nice indeed, but, with reference to the Conn C tenor,not, in my view the role of a sax. He is attempting, successfully, to achieve what is available on a whole range of symphonic instruments….even an oboe would be too edgy.
    I played along with my L&H using an SR 8* mouthpiece & am delighted to say that I could get nowhere near his pure sound. My sound was gritty, earnest & edgy….the PROPER  sound of a sax….. in a late night smoky club…great.
    Please let’s have the right horse for the right course.