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Being in my late 60′s – and becoming more aware of my own mortality, I’d like to leave something behind me after I’ve  popped my clogs…!  This self-hosted website will vanish once the monthly hosting payments cease, as will the domain, but (hopefully) the Google-hosted site will live on a lot longer…

All of the topics/posts/comments here will remain on a ‘read-only’ basis, new posts will start at The C Saxophone Archives.   All the existing C-Sax resources (web pages) ‘behind’ this blog will still remain, for my foreseeable future – and be accessible from both sites.    

I’ll be commenting more on daily life over at the The C Saxophone Archives, as well as on all matters ‘C’, and I may even update some of the topics here on the new blog.  All I can say is – enjoy both, see you there, and here  !

Kind Regards,   Alan



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