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SOPRANO SAX  Mouthpieces


Note: I also have a small selection of fabric and metal ligatures, which may possibly fit some of these mouthpieces, just ask….

Aquilasax (Chinese) Silver soprano
Interesting baffle, good on Bb and C Soprano’s
Fitted single-screw ligature
(English, 70’s ?)
Silver soprano
£ 35 Wedge baffle.  Edgy,   Dukoff’ish
Has ligature – box is hiding somewhere…
Berg Larsen Ebonite Soprano
70 – 1 – SMS  (.070”)
£ 75 Offset SMS, small chamber, very powerful.
Milling marks across width of table.
Berg Larsen Ebonite soprano
60 – 1 – SMS  (.060”)
£ 95 Milling marks across width of table.Offset SMS, vintage, large chamber, big sound
Jody Jazz  HR* Ebonite soprano

6  –  .060”

£ 55 Logo slightly rubbed away, otherwise very clean – check out the sound on the Jody Jazz website, click here
Lawton Ebonite soprano
6*B -  .065”
£  offers Beautiful condition, always played with patch, with original ligature slide/cap, metal rails for lig set into body.  Superb, only selling because I now have a  metal Lawton 7 to play…   (pictures to follow)
Otto Link –
‘Slant Sig’
Ebonite soprano
6*  Vintage !
£  offers Markings faded –
marked 6*  TONE EDGE  U.S.A  (pictures to follow)
Otto Link STM Super Tone Master
Metal  soprano
6* -  .063”
£ 75 Link ligature and cap, boxed, had very little use.
Gold plated.
Rico Metalite Soprano  M11 / .075” £ 30 Big wedge baffle, powerful.
‘Vintage’ – no name Ebonite soprano 3 £  35 Big chamber, very fine rails, clean, small tooth indentation in beak.  Ideal for vintage sopranos.
Weltklang  x 2 Ebonite soprano
Medium opening
£  25 and £20 German, very playable despite modest cost. Surprisingly good sound, decent rails, and very subtle baffle.  The cheaper one has a little more tooth indentation.
Yanagisawa Silver plated
8 -  .068”
£  65 Full sound, penetrating without excessive edge.
Boxed, original ligature (marked ‘S’).

So, which Soprano mouthpieces am I keeping ?  Well, for more extrovert (Bb) playing -

Lawton 7 (metal) plain chamber, and Link STM 8* – amusingly the tip openings on those two are only a few thou apart, .070” vs. .073”

And, for vintage’r C playing, a stubby Meyer USA ebonite, refaced by Mojo to .069”, and an original ‘medium’ Conn C-Soprano mouthpiece…

Note: Tip openings (unless measured), courtesy of Bill Lewington’s mouthpiece charts.-Ligature/cap included ONLY where stated.


ALTO SAX  Mouthpieces


Conn ‘ Steelay Ebonite – alto £ offers  
Otto Link STM Metal 6*  – alto £ offers with Link ligature and cap, boxed, very little use
Berg Larsen Ebonite 95-1-SMS – alto £ offers Ebonite alto sax mouthpiece.Light usage, with Berg Larsen ligature and plastic cap, some natural ebonite discolouration.
Lawton Ebonite – alto  

hover/click > Lawton 1  Lawton 2  

Supplied with original Lawton ligature and metal slide/cap

OLAF JORGSEN Metal – 2mm tip – alto  

hover/click Jorgsen 1  Jorgsen 2 

Very similar design to Berg ‘bullet’ chamber. Silver plated brass alto sax mouthpiece. Hand-built, ‘bullet chamber’ like Berg Larsen, s/no 3189 – with original ligature

Meyer  vintage Ebonite R4 – alto   Ebonite alto sax mouthpiece. Very fine rails – normal usage scratching/rubbing

Ebonite (?) alto sax mouthpiece. Nice sound, decent rails, and very subtle baffle, plus small bullet Berg-like chamber.

Selmer ‘ Scroll Shank ‘ C* Ebonite c* – alto   Ebonite alto sax mouthpiece. Came with my 60′s Martin Magna alto, some bruising on the rails, but plays perfectly.
Selmer ‘ Scroll Shank ‘ C* Ebonite c* – alto   Ebonite alto sax mouthpiece. Some fading and discolouration, better rails, plays fin

Note: Tip openings (unless measured), courtesy of Bill Lewington’s mouthpiece charts   Ligature/cap included ONLY where stated



TENOR SAX  Mouthpieces


Berg Larsen 
105 – 1 SMS
Stainless Steel – tenor Slimline’ model – bullet baffle
Berg Larsen 
100 – 2 M – Offset  !
Stainless steel – tenor Older model - step baffle, offset engraving
Conn – Steelay Ebonite, vintage tenor

Repaired hairline crack in the shank, rails & tip good !

Lawton 7*B Gold Plated, tenor
original lig
Has neatly filled ‘pickup hole’ on mouthpiece side, does not affect playability in any way.  May also have been replated, as the engraving isn’t as sharp as on my ‘original’ 8*BB.
Rico Royal  B7 Plastic – tenor As new. Original box, polished surface finish,  Great Value !
Runyon – Red Translucent plastic 
– tenor
Well used, may be missing ring at end of shank ?
Wagner ?  3
(name rubbed off)
Ebonite  hover/clickWagner 1           Click here for more pictures

Note: Tip openings (unless specifically measured), courtesy of Bill Lewington’s mouthpiece charts. Ligature/cap included ONLY where stated


CLARINET  Mouthpieces



Note: Tip openings (unless specifically measured), courtesy of various online charts


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