Me ?   I'm an early-retired musician (sax/flute/clari etc.) and computer engineer, and I started this website to assist with selling off a lifetimes' acquisitions - musical, technical and literary !   But this has to be more than a just Hyper-Space Car-Boot-Sale, so, as I have become a convert to the 'C-Melody Saxophone', the website is  based around them - they are a very much under-rated and under-valued vintage classic sax.  I also now play C-Soprano, and C-Clarinet.   No more transposing !!

Add to that my interest in Genealogy, retaining my links with Cornwall, where I was born in '47 - a good year - and spent the first 18 years of my life.   After that I moved to the more sophisticated Wiltshire, then Bristol, London, and mostly Germany working as a professional musician, interleaved with the odd "day job" and the occasional surreal but very enjoyable "Summer Season".   Some of it is a bit of a blur - as they say about the 60's (or was that the 70's ?) - "If you can remember it, you weren't there !"

Then, in the 80's there followed a career change to the computer industry, based in Surrey and Berkshire - literally exchanging a 'musicians life on the road' for a 'techies life on the road', until, in 2001 my wheels thankfully fell off and I retired early to Weymouth, in glorious Dorset.   And I'm totally enjoying it !   Who needs money ?   There are more things in life than running on a treadmill...........  Life is too short.

Currently playing jazz, latin, R&B and a little light funk (in fact anything !) whenever I get the chance, on  -  

'31 Martin Handcraft C-Melody,  20's Conn PanAm C-Soprano, '48 The Martin Tenor,  '62 Martin Magna Alto,  plus flute/piccolo and sop/alto clarinets. (oh, and tin whistles in a selection of keys.....)

Mouthpieces ?  Variously, Lawton (bronze/gold), Link (ebonite), Berg Larsen (s/steel. bronze and ebonite), Couf (Jazz series, ebonite),  Zinner / Strathon 'Adjustotone' (ebonite), and vintage Meyer ebonite on the C-Sop.    Rico Royal (or Plasticover) reeds, occasionally LaVoz.