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Useful C-Melody forums are -

 SaxOnTheWeb Forum - they have a C-Melody section and much more

The 'Original' US C-Melody Sax Forum    and   The 'NEW' US C-Melody Sax Forum

 - and from Germany, the  Saxwelt C-Tenor / C-Melody Forum


Also well worth a look are -

Saxquest forum         Classic Sax forum        Cybersax technical info

- and the former  Saxgourmet forum  - now called the " Nations of Music " forum, what next.....?

and from the UK,  Pete Thomas' excellent  The Breakfast Room


And some Goodies from me...

Please note that some of these files may be rather large, so may take a while to download.  As an alternative, right-clicking on some browsers gives the opportunity to download to your own drive.  In the case of Acrobat (.pdf) files, also try clicking on the floppy icon in the top left-hand corner of your Acrobat viewer, which may allow you to save a copy to your own computer - thus avoiding frequent downloads.

A very useful  Saxophone Pad size Chart   

plus a full  Wind & Brass  Maintenance and Repair Manual  in Acrobat (.pdf) format

 Note - saxophone repair starts on page 68 -


 ========================== UK Repair parts contacts ===========================

For repair materials in the UK,  try Windcraft (Dawkes)   -

They even list C Melody Pad Sets -    GB50C Conn - Res-o-Pads Set   £22.50,    GB60C Buescher Set   £31.44

Another useful UK supplier is  -  Windplus      0116 243 1698 for a catalogue  


========================== Repair info and techniques ==========================

These are just a sample of web-pages found by searching the internet through something like 'Google' for (e.g.) 'sax repair tips'. Have a look around, there are more. Please let me know if any of my links stop working - Steve Goodson's and others seem to have just vanished,' Oh no', there they are again, well, some of them..........

Paul Coats 'series'    Sax Pad Replacement    Neck Cork Replacement     

Note : Some of the saxontheweb links are changing (new server) - if they don't work, then follow this link to the  Learning Page  and slide down to the "Instruments and Accessories " links.  Check out the Front Page as well - lots of good stuff !

** PLUS ==> ARTICLES BY PAUL COATS  - now on the Saxgourmet site, with loads of other stuff.


Saxgourmet / Steve Goodson  Main Menu 

Preventive Maintenance and Emergency Repair Supplies  -  Replacing corks  -  Overhaul Overview -  Saxophone Necks  -  Replacing a spring  - Removing stuck screws -  Setting up a key -  Choosing the Right Case

Stephen Howard Woodwind ( UK )    Handy Hints main menu

Oiling the action.   Oiling the bore.   Recork a sax crook.   Curing sticky pads.  Testing the action.  Soprano sax octave key spring.  Testing leaky pads. Conn Microtuner.  Springhooks.  Warped tone holes.  Recork a tenon.   Replace a cork / needle spring.

Clive's   Adjusting clarinet speaker mechanisms technique ( and other twiddlers ) - useful info, nice bloke.

Musicmedic  -  Basic types of leaks    And lots of other useful info, here's the   Repair Articles Page

   - including info on Conn Res-O Pads , and how to measure  them.


Words of wisdom from Ferrees - leading manufacturer of musical repair tools


=================  A few others, but they seem to come and go.........  ===============

Alternative Materials and Techniques for Saxophone Repair   - by Steve Goodson

Saxophone Materials - by Cybersax - almost every aspect including glues etc.    Excellent !

=================  Useful equipment, suppliers, and add-ons  ===============


Aquilasax (NZ)C Melody Gig-Bags , C-Melody Mouthpiece , Necks, plus Reeds etc.   - Personally recommended !

Case Handles (UK) - Leather - from your local Maplins shop - here's one Gordon Brown fitted earlier

Case handles (US) - Leather - they ship cheaply to the UK and Europe - check out the  " Buckle-End Handles "

DEG C-Melody Sax Case -  ref.  ACC318  -  now available in the UK from Dawkes - £99 plus £5 shipping in the UK

Silver Plating in a Pot    - and from the Caswell in the UK as well................

SaxRax Repair Stand - click on 'Products' then 'Repair Stands'  - just the thing for the office.....

Magnetic Dent Removal Balls - all you ever wanted to know, and more, need to get some !!!

The Codera ADDjust® Balancer - click on 'Products',  an adjustable 'strap-ring' and some interesting neck-straps

SAX-ON  -  "The Support System for Alto, Tenor, Baritone and Bass Saxophone and Bass Clarinet"  (their words...)

The Votaw Tool Company  -  US company, but they ship to the UK, it's an interesting site

(links re-checked up to here,March 23, 2009 )

All this info is supplied purely in good faith, but links and content may vary.  As websites can vanish unexpectedly, you may be well advised to 'print off' any useful info, or even 'save' the page - purely as a backup against that eventuality.  I am assuming that, as this info is published 'in the public domain', I am OK to link to it and recommend the contents.    It is subject to copyright, if only as a gentleman's agreement  -  please consult the owner of a website first before doing anything other than just using the contents as a personal reference .  It's always a nice idea to send the author an email saying 'Thanks'...      ( You're welcome...... )


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With sincerest thanks to those sites I've linked to !


 N.B. You may need to use your browsers 'back arrow' to return to this page, if you leave my site.

Please let me know  if any of these links stop working, or indeed of any you'd like included - there are literally millions of links, but I've listed a few here that are either specifically related to C-Mels etc.  or musically interesting and/or very useful.  There are also some useful links if you scroll back  ^^UP ^^ into the Repair Resources section, above.


" C " specific....


Aquilasax (NZ)C Melody Gig-Bags , C-Melody Mouthpiece , affordable Replacement C-Melody Necks, plus Reeds etc.   - Personally recommended !   And now, new prototype pictures, the first  Modern C-Tenor  Saxophone  for many decades.......

Amazing sounds from a Buescher C-Melody -  as well as some other great samples - nice one Greg !

A View of the C. - The Fall and Rise of the C-melody Saxophone.  - the humour of John Robert Brown 

Beaugernier-LeBlanc modern C-Melody Sax - engraved 'Vito' - thanks to Anke Moessner

C-Melody Saxophone Reeds -  These are older stock reeds produced in the 40's, Box of 5 $20.00,  available in 2/3/3.5

C-Soprano Sax Mouthpiece - by Edward Pillinger - respected London (UK) bespoke mouthpiece manufacturer

CyberSax,  C-Melody info  Setup Issues  and  Mouthpieces

Dave Pietro  - another modern C-Mel player, plays Selmer C-Melody sax

Gary Regina  - (quote) Gary plays a myriad of instruments including C Melody, Alto (sometimes both of these at once) and Soprano Saxophones, Wind Synthesizer, Guitar, Percussion, Ethnic Flutes and Vocals.

The Lyons C Clarinet  - a beginner's instrument that can last a lifetime

The Martin C-Melody Sax - an excellent epic - courtesy of  Stephen Howard Woodwind

Oscar - Adler C-Melody saxophone, from New Zealand

The Pelham Conn - a beautiful C-Melody conversion - if you don't like black, look away now...

Rudy Wiedoeft- - and how Saxophobia Launched the Saxual Revolution   -   by Eugene Garfield 

Rudy Wiedoeft - his biography from the  " Wiedhoffts of London " family history research

Scott Robinson - discography, plus an article by him about his interest in C-Mels

Slater Street Saxophone Quartet playing Ragtime Suite  -  I'm sure the high sax is a C-Soprano, if not, there must be a C-Melody in there somewhere, anyway - it's great......

Smart & Sold  - Unusual name for a website owned by a C-Mel player from Germany.  This is the page with Zinner and Runyon C-Mel mouthpieces for sale.  Don't be put off by the language, the lady speaks excellent English.    Highly recommended.  Owner of the Beaugernier-LeBlanc modern C-Melody Sax !

Stephen Ashworth  -  Oxford, UK, proud owner of a King C-Mel

Tram's solo's -  alto or C-Mel  ?   - with a some nice sound samples, courtesy of  Normal Field  

Wade Walkers C-Melody site - links to the C-Mel forum, where it all started for me......

Zinner , Hans - great German mouthpieces, including Strathon Adjustotone and the new C-Melody  " Jazz " mouthpiece


....and more general links

Adolphe Sax, Statue and Street  - from Dinant in Belgium, this is where it all started  .........>>>

JJ Babbitt - the home of  Otto Link , Meyer , Guy Hawkins , and Wolfe Tayne mouthpieces

Berg Larsen mouthpieces -  courtesy of   Bill Lewington Musical Instruments - especially useful for the mouthpiece lay comparison charts, this is the site index

Bill Clinton, the man, the saxophone - red, white, blue and brassy - and that's just the sax !   Courtesy of the US National Music Museum

Bootman's Reed Drilling Process - and his very comprehensive mouthpiece (etc.)  links

Buescher Advertising Gallery - courtesy of SaxOnTheBeach, a galaxy of old Buescher ads, books and pictures

The Chiff and Fipple Whistle Site - penny , tin , Irish and low-D whistles - funny as well....

-and the Chiff and Fipple Forum - a real gem  - jazz players need not enter !

Cornet Compendium - see ' CHAPTER 6 - MANUFACTURERS ' - useful snippets about companies and sax production

How to pack a sax for shipping - courtesy of CyberSax

Historic Saxophone Ads  - more of the ones on this website   

Horn of Plenty - an 'Aulochrome' stereo soprano ( see the picture, opposite  >>>> )    

Jazz on Film - a great reference site

John Myatt Woodwind & Brass - this is the 'accessories' page

Keyless Saxophone anyone ?  - well, never have to pay for an overhaul.....

Another Keyless Saxophone  -  on which Sigurd Rascher was capable of playing a four octave scale !

King Saxophones - H.N. White - lots of catalogue pics and historical reference

Klezmer - all you need to know, examples, styles, exercises.....  ( in Adobe  ' .pdf '  format )

Lars Kismer's Music Trader  - Serial number lists, and much more

Lyon & Healy Saxophone Catalog - 1926 

The Martin Story - a great site by Edwin van Druten, thanks Edwin !

Even more Martin Pics & Info from Saxpics

Origins of Orchestral Saxophones in F & C  -  Sir Edmund K-T

Pete Thomas' Saxophone site - info, exercises and a lot more, and from the UK  !!

Pete's Saxophone Links  - a link to a great page of mostly US links, and The Sax Ring .  Thanks Pete !

The Saxophone  - definition by Wikipedia - they even sell the odd C-Melody....

Saxwelt - the biggest German-speaking saxophone page in the net, some in English !

Selmer Woodwind Catalog - 1932

Tubax site , plus great sound samples,   Serge Bertocchi plays  Bach on the Tubax  

      and  Randy Emerick plays  Stardust

USPS Postal Rates to the UK - and useful Customs info, valid at August 2005


The Vintage Saxophone Gallery Database Project - from

Wierd Woodwinds - from Dr Allreed, a.k.a. Dr Alan Mandel     If it's unusual - it's here !

Wikipedia - the 'different' online encyclopedia - recommended

Wood - all you ever needed to know, and some terrific pics - if you're into wood, that is.....

Woodwind Fingering Guides - including saxophone altissimo, what more can I say ?

WWOZ - New Orleans Jazz & Heritage station, great jazz, !      Temporarily in Baton Rouge


*    *    *    *     Some Internet Sounds     *    *    *    *


Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer site  - and my  favourite track.....

Frankie Trumbauer and his Orchestra    - downloads from -   Paul Whiteman and his Band

The Simpsons music, 100 clips in mp3 format, plus much more... especially these favourites- 

Almost makes me want to buy a bari (again...)                                         Lisa - the Billie Holliday of Grade 2 

The sax-player does a great Tom Scott impression, or is it...?                Good 'ole Bleedin' Gums Murphy!





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